Friday, March 2, 2012

What is your MESSAGE?

Hey Guys.. 

Today my article is about the important knowing your message. This is quite related to your blogging and in one way or another are related to making money direct from the internet. You might already knew that there are thousands of blogs created  every day and each have their own unique message to deliver. The vital part is not how you portray it or how you pass it but it is the content is what matters most. It remembers me of a American comedy film starring Colin Hanks and Jack Black and directed by Jake Kasdan, written by Mike 2002 called Orange County.
The Plot

Shaun Brumder (Colin Hanks) is a teenager from affluent Orange County, California. Although bright and intelligent, he has very little interest in education or studying, instead trying to lead a carefree SoCal lifestyle of surfing, drinking and partying. A turning point comes when Shaun's best friend Lonny (Bret Harrison) is killed in a surfing accident, causing Shaun to rethink his own life. One day, he finds a novel on the beach by the author Marcus Skinner, which quickly inspires him to become a writer. Upon learning that Skinner is an English professor at Stanford University, Shaun makes it his goal to attend Stanford and study under him, seeing it as an opportunity to escape from his superficial life in Orange County.

Shaun radically improves himself academically, obtaining high grades and SAT scores as well as becoming the president of his graduating class. Following the advice of his guidance counselor, Ms. Cobb (Lily Tomlin), who tells him that he is a "shoo-in" for acceptance, Shaun applies only to Stanford. This severely backfires as Shaun later finds out that he is rejected from Stanford, ironically because Ms. Cobb mixed up his academic transcript with that of a much less intelligent student.

The movie went on as Shaun fails in many attempts to make it into Standford. His disfunctional family has cause him to take the last ditch and went to Standford with his girlfriend Ashley (Schuyler Fisk) and and his dim-witted stoner brother Lance (Jack Black). The plot continue...

Shaun, by chance, runs into Professor Skinner (Kevin Kline) and is invited to his office to chat. Skinner is amused with Shaun's belief that he must study and work in a highly intelligent environment in order to become successful, pointing out that many famous authors such as James Joyce and William Faulkner grew up in places that were not intellectually stimulating, but still became great writers. Having an epiphany, Shaun realizes his previous misguided intentions and went home. 

Okay, now during his little chat with Professor Skinner, Skinner did told Shaun that he did read the short story that Shaun mail to him and he was very impress with Shaun's writing. However the thought of Shaun being a successful writer is by way of studying under him was not agreed by Skinner. Skinner stress out to Shaun that the important things is the message of what every writer trying to tell. 

This goes hand in hand with blogging and making money online. If your message are honest and heart fully felt by your readers or your client. Then you will have a bunch of devoted online users which will make you as a reference and will always come back to your blog. They would always wanted to know what is going on with you and would buy almost everything that you recommend to them.

As far as I am concern, a message is the quality of the content itself. Maybe you might have something in mind about message that you may want to share? I am grateful if you leave your idea and comment so that it will be beneficial to all readers of IMD2U. 

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