Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Alexa Ranking 17mil to 3mil in Just 2 month

Hello and welcome back,

The day marks an accomplishment for IMD2U as it is now on the 3million ranking mark on Alexa. It is the highest ranking achievement so far and hopefully for this 2012 it will continuously getting better ranking. So my article today is not to brag about it but to share what did I do to come to this result.

IMD2U Alexa Rank on 11 March 2012
Lets recap from the day that IMD2U ranking was 17mil. I wrote and article on 15 January 2012 call "Alexa Traffic Rank & Posting Regular Quality Content" , it is about how you rank your website and how frequent posting and article would effect the ranking. From that article also you could find a snapshot of IMD2U Alexa ranking when its was 17 mil. After almost 2 month and 9 article posted, as you can see the result is on your left. Now how did I do it? To tell you the truth it's not  easy yet not that hard also... Okay first of all, what I did was....

Post Regularly
This is the sequence of my article.

  1. 15 January 2012Alexa Traffic Rank & Posting Regular Quality Content
  2. 25 January 201210 Important Aspect You Need To Know Before Installing Alexa Toolbar
  3. 31 January 2012 - 7 Small Modification Of SEO
  4. 5 February 2012Don't Just Be A Silent Reader. Start Commenting !
  5. 15 February Part 1 - You Own The Network
  6. 26 February Part 2 - Cool Features
  7. 28 February 2012Affiliate Marketing and Private Label Rights
  8. 29 February 2012Top 22 Email Marketing Terms You Should Not Forget
  9. 29 February 2012Finding The Best Article Directory
  10. 2 March 2012What is your MESSAGE?
From the list of article above, you can see that the longest period break from one article to another is about 10 days. Although it is not that quite regular, for someone like me I considered it a success. 

Unique Content
A unique content does not means that you must have a genuine content that nobody have created or posted yet. For me I may find the content from other source but the wording is from my own. 
However, if you do have your own content that no one else have, what you can do is , to search the best key word for it. Once you have it, make sure you put it as many as you can in the article. That will make a truely unique content and hopefully will attract more traffic.

I start to actively visiting many website that have the same niches as mine, when finish reading their article I disciplined myself to comment or at least say thank you for the author for sharing the knowledge. This will get you some quality backlink as well as friendship among bloggers.
Please take this as one of the things you must do. An active commenting exercise will have a great effect on you ranking and you might get visitor from an unexpected source. Trust me, it did happen to me. 

I actually did many adjustment to my blog, to make it more presentable and have higher ranking, but I felt that what that have been written above are the important things that make the most effective result on bringing my ranking to about 3mil. Hopefully I will make the mark of below 1mil by the end of the year. 
Thanks for dropping by. If you have the same experience as mine or you want to share other experience please let us know by putting some comment below.