Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Internet Marketing Secret Of Success

Probably you are now on your way to start an online business. Hopefully you have read my previous article in order to prepare you for the new online business adventure. My article today is about survival and continuation of your online business. The secret most online businessman kept to themselves to grow and expand their wealth.

Secret of Success !

There are 3 major X factors that I believe a must have to be successful in an online business.
First. You must treat your online business as a business not as a hobby. Treating as a hobby will get you to a hobby like income. You won't get far and if you do it will be time consuming. It also mean that you are not productive and wasting precious time.
What I meant is that you need time to learn. Example, you have 3 to 4 hours a day to spend for your online business. That 3 hour you spend on reading new material, visiting forums to read what are people talking and discussing are not a productive effort for your online business. Be more realistic. In my opinion, a productive effort is the time you spend to make profit for your business, might be by traffic generation or money. 

Second. You must have a mentality of a businessman. Do not think that a 1 hour effort time investment will bring a huge profit. Do not think that everything is free in the perspective of services and product. Understand your niche, type of business and your targeted customers well. If you are not willing to invest in business than do not start one.

You must be able to take risk. A calculative risk. Not all that you touch could become a gold mine. Failure eventually will happen and that is not a problem if you manage to minimize your lost. That is what calculative risk means. Although it is a possibility that you might fail, do not think that it is the end of world. Start new and never give up.

And lastly, the Third factor.Choose your business model wisely before you start. People tend to concentrate more on the tactic & technique of Internet Marketing rather than their own business model.  You should make up your decision whether to build a website, auction on ebay, selling eBooks, affiliate program and etc. You might end up something that are not applicable and wasting your time if you were to choose learning the technique first.

With that, I sincerely hope that you will take into the consideration of the advice given. Good Luck on doing business online.